golden insurance co. b+ rrg

Golden also specializes in Commercial General Liability and Excess Insurance for builders, contractors, and artisans and has a team of highly trained individuals that underwrite each account case-by-case, based on the specific needs of the insured. Golden specializes in underwriting unusual contractors and risks; we are not just a market for plain-vanilla operations. Send us the risks that make you scratch your head!

golden insurance co. b+ rrg

The downgrading of the ratings reflects Golden’s negative overall results and underwriting trends that could be exacerbated if the housing market continues to slump and pressures Golden’s premium volume as well as its capital market volatility mutes investment yields and income.

The rating downgrades also reflect A.M. Best’s concerns with Golden’s current risk management processes and the necessity to restate and refile its December 31, 2011 statutory financial statements with the Nevada Department of Insurance.

Factors that could result in future negative rating actions include additional deterioration in Golden’s underwriting results or a decline in its risk-based capitalization. Potential factors that could result in positive rating actions are improved underwriting results, surplus appreciation and tangible enhancements to its enterprise risk management processes.

By joining Golden Insurance Company, you will be participating in a preferred insurance program with a select group of construction industry professionals. Each member is screened based on experience and operations and becomes a valuable part of a select group of builders and contractors.

We welcome builders and brokers alike to learn more about us and to request additional program information. Golden also markets to producers and pays very competitive commissions.